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    I was at a horse race yesterday when some kid lost his balloon…

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    My school library gets it


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    The special Kyary Pamyu Pamyu face plates for the New Nintendo 3DS have been confirmed for release on November 21st! Please note that face plates are not available for the XL version.

    There are 15 new face plates that have also been revealed for the same release date, as well as a Yo-Kai Watch face plate that will come out on December 13th.

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    Hello, my name is Alex.
    My friend Ian has recently gone missing, and I am trying to blow this up to find him.
    Like the page https://m.facebook.com/HelpFindIan
    Tag anything relating to this with #findiangrey
    Please help

    Signal Boosting!

    Signal Boost!

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    I am never tired of this.

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